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The Arhanta Yoga teacher training was a big life experience. All the teachers here are really great...
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I am extremely happy with the outcome and with the information I learned over the last month here...
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I highly recommend the Arhanta yoga teacher training in India. The teachers are very experienced..
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Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training India

Arhanta Yoga teacher training India

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

The Arhanta 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training India is an intensive 4 weeks, one month residential yoga instructor certification course at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India. This course provides you with a strong foundation to practice and teach Hatha Yoga safely. The training gives an in-depth study of classical Hatha Yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga teaching skills, detailed correction techniques and much more. By the end of the course you will have gained the required knowledge and skills to become a confident and a certified yoga teacher. Our 200 hour yoga teacher certification courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, European Yoga Association, etc.

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300 hour Yoga teacher training certification India

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

The Arhanta 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training India is the second level advanced Yoga instructor certification course for graduates of the first level training course. This course helps you to take your yoga practice and yoga teaching skills to a whole new level. The training gives further in-depth study of advanced Hatha Yoga asanas, Yoga Sutras, advanced yoga teaching skills, Hatha Yoga Anatomy, Physiology and much more. Our 300 hour yoga certification courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, European Yoga Association, etc.

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Arhanta 500 hour Yoga teacher training India

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

The Arhanta 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training India is an intensive 8 weeks / two month residential yoga certification course at the Arhanta Yoga ashram India. The course teaches the necessary skills and provides information on how to teach Hatha Yoga safely to beginners as well as advanced level students. The training covers intensive study of Hatha Yoga, Yoga philosophy, teaching skills, detailed correction techniques and much more. Our professional 500 hour yoga training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, CRKBO, European Yoga Association, etc.

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Yoga ashram India

Yoga Ashram India

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram India is located in central India, in a serene location just outside the ancient city of Khajuraho, and it is spread over 17 acres of beautiful countryside, surrounded by wild forests and hills. The facilities of the ashram are clean, comfortable and simple. This gives you the opportunity to experience the traditional Indian culture and lifestyle, and it helps you to dissociate yourself from materialistic influences and dependencies. In our yoga ashram in India we organize professional and affordable yoga teacher training courses, during which students study intensively under the close supervision of expert teachers. We also welcome spiritual seekers at our ashram in India for a Yoga Retreat or a Yoga Vacation.

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Arhanta Yoga teacher training course Netherlands

Yoga Teacher Training Course Europe

The Arhanta Yoga Instructor Certification course at the ashram in Europe is an intensive 4 week / one month yoga training course. The course is taught by a team of expert teachers under the guidance of Yogi Ram, the Director of Arhanta Yoga ashrams. The teacher training in Europe offers the same curriculum as the one in India. At the end of the course you will have the required knowledge and skills to teach both safe and good quality Hatha Yoga classes. After successful completion of the course, students will receive an internationally recognized yoga teacher certification.
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Arhanta Yoga ashram Netherlands

Yoga Ashram Europe

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram Europe is located in the Netherlands, near to the city of Doetinchem, in scenic province of Gelderland. The Ashram is spread over 1.6 hectares of land, surrounded by grasslands and forests, and it offers simple and clean accommodation. Arhanta Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands provides accredited professional yoga training from the months of March to September every year. The peaceful environment of the ashram is the perfect place to practice yoga and meditation, to learn how to teach classical Hatha Yoga, and to focus intensively on yourself and your personal development.

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Advanced Yoga teacher training India

Continuing education

Arhanta Yoga also offers a continuing education programme to allow students to refresh and to deepen their knowledge of yoga as well as develop their teaching skills. During the one week Refresher Course at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Europe, graduates of the 200 hour TTC refresh their knowledge and learn the latest teaching and correction techniques. The advanced 300 hour teacher training India offers an in-depth study of advanced yoga asanas, correction and modification techniques of advanced asanas, pranayama and much more. After successful completion of the 300 hour TTC, you can register as a RYT 300 or RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance or any other Yoga institution.

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Arhanta Yoga Retreat & Vacation India

Yoga Retreat & Yoga Vacation

With our Yoga Retreat India and Yoga Vacation India programme at our yoga ashram in India you can follow the daily yoga and meditation classes, participate in the philosophy and group discussions, and much more. You can enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere at the ashram, participate in the yoga and meditation classes and experience a wealth of time for walks, reading, reflexion, etc. Guests are welcome from the period of October to March.

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Arhanta Yoga Franchise

Arhanta Yoga Franchise

Arhanta Yoga is developing a network of high quality yoga teachers, those with a high sense of responsibility and integrity. With the Arhanta Yoga Franchise we aim to support our future yoga teachers and offer them the possibility to start-up a successful yoga studio, even if they have no experience in business management. The low costs, the proven business model, and the mentoring and guidance, provide the necessary support to set up your own yoga school in full confidence.

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Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training India Reviews

petra“At this moment I am following the hatha yoga teacher training course in India. It is a lifetime experience, I often thought may be I am too old for this (51) but I am glad I came here.  Yogi Ram is a very calm, professional teacher, he is very clear and sincere and with a lot of patience. The asana teachers have a wealth of knowledge and are able to guide us to great achievements. You could say it’s a fantastic team. They are all positive people who support you through anything. I have already learned so much, thank you very much!” Petra, Netherlands

miraida“It is amazing how much we have learned in this month-long yoga instructor certification course. I came here with little in the way of expectations, more of a ‘we’ll see what happens’ attitude, but this was really great. The content of the classes really sinks in, and it feels like the truths lies within us. It makes you think. I also like the open style of teaching, it really inspired me; hey are offered to us as information, not forced upon us. You are free to do something with it or not. The Hatha yoga asana classes were my favourites. They are structured very carefully. This course goes so much deeper than just the asanas, they inspire you to see things differently, to change your attitude in life, your lifestyle, and how you practice asanas. Ram, Kalyani, Omkar… I am very grateful!” Miraida, Curaçao

dorien“I have followed other yoga certification courses but this course is the best yoga teacher training course I have followed. As the course is taking place at yoga ashram it was amazing to dissociate myself from normal life and to take the time to focus completely on learning. In a short period of time I have learned so much, and thanks to your help and daily teaching practice we have all developed into real yoga teachers. The classes were taught very carefully, with experienced yoga teachers to guide us. The Hatha yoga asana correction techniques are amazing! I really appreciate the support we receive here, not only during the course, but also afterwards. Thank you!” Dorien, Belgium

emanuele“When I decided to follow this intensive residential yoga course, I was aiming to just improve my yoga skills. Instead, by the end of the course, I really feel I’m ready to start teaching yoga on a professional level. I am very grateful for all the knowledge I have acquired here and for the self-confidence I have built up in such a short lap of time. I recommend this course to anyone who has the ambition to become a yoga teacher. Thank you.” Emanuele, Italy


“This course is everything Arhanta promised it to be. Excellent teachers and a very good curriculum and very affordable at the same time. I have studied philosophy (academic level, western model) which allows me to confirm that Yogi Ram’s philosophy classes are of a comparative level. They are very interesting and inspiring. The curriculum is intense but also solid. In the evening there is time to study but you are also very tired from the day schedule. The asana classes are brilliant and motivating. The unbelievable is possible, and in 4 weeks / one month time you can learn the important skills of yoga teaching! The ashram staff are very helpful and they try to provide you with as much knowledge as possible. Arhanta Yoga teacher training is the best course I have ever taken.” Johanna, Netherlands

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