200 vs 300 vs 500 Yoga Teacher Training

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Feb 22

Difference between 200, 300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training

These days there are many kinds of yoga teacher training courses available. There is some confusion regarding the difference between 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour teacher training courses. Below is the explanation of these courses.

200 hr yoga teacher training

Most common teacher training’s are 200 hour yoga teacher training’s. These training’s are spread over 200 hours of study. This has become a minimum standard for international teacher training’s. These training’s can be spread over an intensive month or a longer duration of one or two year. This course covers all the basics of yoga teaching. Even though the curriculum can vary school to school, a good 200 hour yoga teacher training course should give you skills and knowledge to structure and teach a class with confidence. It should cover basic yoga anatomy and physiology. It should also provide sufficient practical teaching practice. After completion of this course you can register with any Yoga association or federation as RYT 200, Registered Yoga Teacher 200 level.

200 vs 300 hour yoga teacher training

 FAQ about 200 hr yoga teacher training

Can I teach yoga with 200 hour certification?

Yes 200 hour certification is worldwide accepted standard for teaching yoga.

Do I need to register as RYT 200?

It is not mandatory to register as RYT 200 in order to teach. You can teach just with a 200 hour certification. Though registering as RYT 200 might increase your credibility if you are looking for a job.

Are all 200 hour courses same?

Not at all, some 200 hour course dont cover fraction of other courses. While choosing a course it is important to look at the curriculum to see the difference in the courses.

300 hr yoga teacher training

This is the second level training course for those who have already finished the first level 200 hour training. So only after finishing the first level training you can also follow a 300 hour yoga teacher training course, it is not a substitute for the first level training. A 300 hour course is more intense and is spread over 300 hours of training. It is also called a Advance yoga teacher training. It has different curriculum and different goal. If you directly join a 300 hour training you will not have a good foundation of the basic principles of teaching.

In a 300 hour training you will deepen your understanding of primary asanas as well as learn to teach advance asanas. You will also learn yoga philosophy and in depth yoga anatomy and physiology. You will learn and practice pranayama and cleansing kriyas. Most 300 hour training’s also cover meditation teaching in their curriculum. If you want to take yoga as career then the advance teacher training is must for you. After completion of 300 hour training you can register as RYT 300, and if you have also finished 200 hour training you can register as RYT 500.

 500 hr yoga teacher training

This training is a combination of 200 and 300 hour training. So basically it is a training which consists of first and second level training. It might be done in one go or in two separate modules.

Benefits of 500 hour training is that both training’s can be finished in a shorter period. But some people need some practice and time to absorb the teachings of 200 hour level before they can grasp the teachings of 300 hour course.

If you have time, dedication and ability to absorb a lot of information in short period this might be something for you.

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