300 Hour TTC

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 300 hour yoga teacher training Europe is a level 2 advanced yoga teacher training course (ATTC). This one month-long residential course is an intensive course which takes place at our yoga ashram in Europe. The course provides an advanced level intensive training in multi style yoga teaching; Hatha Yoga, Yin yoga & Vinyasa flow yoga. After completion of this course you can also register as RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance or any other Yoga Federation.

Our internationally accredited course is suitable for you if you wish to deepen your yoga teaching skills or if you have decided to become a serious practitioner of yoga. This course offers the opportunity to deepen your understanding of advanced asanas, advanced pranayama and meditation. The course will provide you knowledge of advanced yoga teaching skills as well as understanding of deeper yoga philosophy.

pranayama during 300 hour yoga teacher training course 300 hour yoga teacher training advanced asanas

After the completion of the 300 hour yoga teacher training Europe you will be able to teach yoga to beginners as well as advanced level students in your classes. You will also be able to teach Yin yoga and Vinyasa flow with confidence. You will learn very useful and practical anatomy and physiology of asanas and you will learn how to apply this knowledge in your teaching classes.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Hatha yoga asanas and variations
  • Advanced asana teaching and correction skills
  • 50 hours Yin Yoga teacher training
  • Learn to teach Vinyasa flow
  • Learn how to teach Meditation
  • Deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy
  • In depth Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
  • Daily practice of pranayama and bandhas
  • Personal guidance for improving your personal practice

Suitable For

Our advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training course is suitable for:

  • 200 hour yoga teacher training graduates
  • Existing yoga teachers
  • Serious yoga practitioners


To join the Arhanta Yoga 300 hour yoga teacher training (Level 2 ATTC) in Europe, you must meet the following requirements

  • You should be a graduate of a 200 hour level yoga teacher training from a RYS (Registered Yoga School) 200.
  • You should be physically and mentally fit to follow this intensive teacher training course.
  • You should not be pregnant.
  • You must be ready to adjust to the simple lifestyle of the yoga ashram.

Meet the Director

Ram Jain is the head teacher and Director of our yoga ashrams. He has a teaching experience of over 20 years. He is also a teacher and mentor of over 4000 yoga teachers worldwide. He is a Yoga Alliance registered E-RYT 500 with over 40,000 teaching hours of experience. Born and raised in India, his yoga and vedic philosophy education started at the age of 8 years as a part of his primary school education. He has in-depth knowledge of various ancient scriptures like Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika as well as Anatomy and Physiology. He has studied and practiced under famous teachers like Guru Ramananda (Swami Sivananda lineage), Swami Premananda, Shri Shamboo etc. He is teaching yoga and philosophy since 1998. He is known for his unique ability to take the best out of his students and for his interesting philosophical stories.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Our advanced multi-style yoga teacher training course covers 300 hours of intensive training. The training is divided into 270 contact hours and 30 non contact hours. The curriculum meets the international standards of the 300 hour yoga teacher training. This standard is required  to register as RYT 300 or to register as RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, International Yoga Association or European Yoga Association.

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Curriculum Overview – 300 hour yoga teacher training India

Yoga Asanas

  • 84 classical Hatha yoga asanas in-depth
  • 84 advanced yoga asanas
  • 24 Yin yoga asanas
  • Vinyasa flow yoga asanas and sequences


  • Daily practice of advanced Pranayama
  • Daily practice of Nadi Shodhan and other advanced breathing exercises
  • Guided practice and use of three bandhas


  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Yoga sutras of Patanjali
  • Deeper understanding of yogic philosophy concepts

Anatomy and Physiology

During our 300 hour yoga teacher training course Europe you will learn practical yoga anatomy and physiology in detail. You will get a proper understanding of the application of anatomy and physiology in classes which will improve your own practice as well your teaching and correction skills. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Detailed Musculoskeletal system
  • Anatomy of main Hatha yoga asanas
  • Physiology of main yoga asanas
  • Physiology of breathing
  • Physiology of stretching
  • Common yoga injuries
  • Injury prevention
  • Individual adjustments
  • Modifications for common back injuries
  • Endocrine system
  • Chakra anatomy

Teaching skills

  • Revision of teaching techniques of 84 beginners asanas
  • Teaching techniques for 84 advanced asanas
  • Teaching advanced Hatha yoga, Yin yoga & Vinyasa flow yoga
  • How to structure a class
  • How to sequence a class
  • How to customize a class
  • Advanced modifications techniques
  • How to teach Meditations
  • Teaching different meditation techniques
  • Organizing and preparing various retreats and workshops


  • Classical meditation techniques
  • Chakra purification meditations
  • Five element purification meditations
  • Tantric meditation techniques

teaching advanced asanas during the 300 hours ttc

advanced yoga teacher training india

Daily schedule : 300 hour yoga teacher training Europe

8:00How to teach
12:00Karma Yoga
1:00Philosophy / Yoga Anatomy

300 hour yoga teacher training Europe dates

We organize the 300 hour teacher training in Europe once every other year. The upcoming course will take place at our ashram in Europe from:

300-Hour Advanced Yoga

Date Seats Left Location
9 May - 6 Jun Available NL

Why sign-up for this course?

The main benefit of our 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training course is that you will make a rapid growth in your personal practice and you will gain a new depth as a yoga teacher. You will deepen your understanding of the yoga philosophy and you will bring your teaching skills to a new level. You will refresh what you have learned in your first level training and go deeper in every subject. You will be able to teach Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Vinyasa yoga.

This advanced course will help you to develop yourself into a well-informed yoga teacher. It will help you to develop understanding of teaching advanced asanas as well as pranayama and meditation. If you want to be able to live comfortably from teaching yoga this training will give you the required tools and skills to meet your goals.

Internationally Accredited Certification

Our advanced teacher training course meets the international 300 hours standards. On successful completion of the training you will receive a 300 hour yoga teacher training certification accredited by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, International Yoga Association, European Yoga Association etc.


After successful completion of the course you can register as RYT 300 or RYT 500 with any Yoga Alliance or Yoga Association. You will be also able to teach intermediate and advanced level yoga classes.


The fees for the 300 hour Hatha yoga certification course include all tuition, three meals, accommodation, a course manual and 2 pairs of uniforms.

AccommodationFees (In Euros)
Double Shared Room3100
Single Room3300


Our advanced course is open to everyone who has already completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. To apply for the 300 hour teacher training please download, complete and send the application form (PDF) by email to ttc@arhantayoga.org

Testimonials – 300 hour yoga teacher training graduates

Nathan review 300 hour teacher training“I was very happy to come back to Arhanta for my advanced yoga teacher training in India. After four years of teaching their system and methods I was ready for more, and they really provided what I needed. I did look at other schools, but finally the level of training, the curriculum and the lineage all brought me back to Arhanta. I am so glad to go back to my students with even more to offer. Thank you Ram.” (Nathan, USA)

300 hour yoga teacher training india 2016 marleen

“I really enjoyed the 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training. It was an amazing experience and I feel grateful to have done both courses in one go. I feel confident  to start teaching yoga back home having the right knowledge! Thank you to the great staff!” (Marleen, France)


300 hour advanced yoga teacher training india 2016 lisa

“I have been 3 months in this ashram for the 200hr training, one month as a volunteer and for the 300hr teacher training. It was a great, life changing experience. I got so much confidence and I learned to have more discipline and structure in my life. I also learned how to become and live like a yoga teacher. The first few weeks I disliked teaching yoga, but wow, after 3 months of training, I totally like to teach yoga to others and to give them a life-changing experience. I want to thank all the teachers, the interns, the volunteers and the staff for giving me this great opportunity.” (Lisa, Netherlands)

300 hour advanced yoga teacher training india 2016 wilma

“I really liked the safe environment that is created here to learn and study yoga. With you, Ram and Kalyani, as inspiring teachers, with a lot of knowledge and experience which you share/teach in a professional way and with a personal touch, thank you.” (Wilma, Netherlands)