Arhanta Yoga Franchise

Arhanta Yoga Franchise

The Arhanta Yoga Franchise is the perfect opportunity for yoga teachers without experience in business management to become professional full time yoga teachers. Our goal is to help you turn yoga into a lifestyle as well as a full time profession of which you can live comfortably.

 Why an Arhanta Yoga Franchise?

  • A solid and proven business plan of an experienced Yoga business.
  • Learn from the experience and skills of a network. This will help you to avoid unnecessary beginner’s mistakes and help you to reduce the financial risks.
  • Get in-depth yoga teacher training and gain the required knowledge and experience to flourish your yoga enterprise.
  • Continuous guidance and monitoring of experts.
  • Experienced and detailed education programmes, class structures and teaching material.
  • A commercial business system, tested and used by our yoga institute.
  • Profit from the brand and reputation of Arhanta Yoga.
  • A fixed yearly fee instead of a percentage of the profit.
  • Mentoring through phone, e-mail and Skype at any time.

 Your Benefits

  • Access to the teaching programs, content of weekly class schedules and asana sequences, developed for you by Arhanta Yoga Ashrams.
  • Registration of your yoga studio for your geographical area on a website with a high Google search ranking. This saves you a lot of time and advertising money.
  • Continuous guidance and mentoring to start up your studio from scratch and to make it grow and flourish.
  • Help in arranging the professional and legal requirements.
  • Regular training in marketing, how to recruit students and keep them, and how to build up a reputation.
  • Guidance and mentoring in developing a class program and how to handle certain situations.

 Cost of Arhanta Yoga Franchise

We keep the costs of the Arhanta Yoga Franchise as low as possible because we realize that to many future candidates high costs are exactly what stop them from starting their own Yoga studio. The accessible fee of the Arhanta Yoga Franchise doesn’t imply in any way that Arhanta Yoga will invest less in guiding, stimulating and developing its Franchise network.

Fee for the first year: 3850 EUR (including the registration fee of 1450 EUR of a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course)

Yearly fee for the second and the following years: fixed fee of 2400 EUR a year (or 200 EUR a month).

If you would like more information about the terms and conditions to start an Arhanta Yoga Franchise, please contact us at .