Can you follow a yoga teacher training course if English is not your first language?

Aug 22

Are you interested in following a yoga teacher training but are you hesitant to take the leap because English is not your first language? Good news! You don’t have to speak perfectly English to be able to follow a yoga teacher course which is completely taught in English. Even if you have a beginners level in speaking and understanding English, it is definitely possible to successfully complete a course.

The reason is simple: much more important than your language skills is your desire and ambition to follow and complete the course. At the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India and the Netherlands we have trained more than 1000 students from over the whole world. We have trained people from Japan, Italy, Spain, France, and many more countries, who barely spoke English. They had never actively spoken English and only had some basic knowledge which they had learned in high school. However it was more important that they were determined to learn and had the discipline to work hard. Eventually that made it possible for those students to successfully complete their course, knowing that a limited knowledge of English would not stop them from becoming a yoga teacher. Thanks to that determination and motivation they often finished the course with better results than students whose first language was English.

Follow yoga teacher training English first language

The following story of a student from Italy serves as a perfect example. In the beginning of the course he was asked to introduce himself to the group. However his level of English was so limited that he could only say his name and where he was from. During the classes he was very focussed and throughout the course we could read the discipline on his face; a determined look in his eyes to understand the content of the classes no matter what. He never hesitated to ask a question, even though sometimes it would take him a while to explain what he was trying to say. With the help of the other students, and sometimes also with the help of physical gestures and even drawings on the white board, he always managed to communicate what he wanted to say or ask. By the end of the course he was able to teach a 90 minute yoga asana class in English and he ended up as one of the top students from his group.

Of course it is important to have some basic knowledge of English. However, our experience tells us that determination and will power is more important than the ability to speak a language. If you truly want to follow a yoga teacher training course, than just go for it! Don’t let any doubt or fear stand in your way. Life is too short for regrets!

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