yoga teacher training course india olivia“This course was highly intensive and submersive. I lived, taught, and practiced with a wonderful group of people. I got to meet people from many different backgrounds and cultures.I started from being an insecure teacher to a confident, knowledgeable one with the help of the Arhanta India staff. I will forever remember my time here, every time I teach a yoga class.Thank you, Namaste.”

Review by Olivia, USA

yoga teacher training course india mallory“I came to Arhanta Yoga looking for an authentic, professional and well rounded yoga teacher training experience. That is what I received plus so much more. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and offer their knowledge to their students so openly. The information is presented in a way that it isn’t overwhelming, even though there is a lot of info to learn.The program is very well organized and I would recommend Arhanta and all of their exceptional staff to anybody looking to become a certified yoga teacher.”

Review by Mallory, USA

yoga teacher training india ashram 2015 laura“The yoga teacher training India is very good, I recommend this course to everyone who wants to be a teacher.The course is 100% focussed on how to teach.I learned a lot of things in a nice environment, quiet, peaceful and with very qualified teachers.It’s a big challenge for your mind and body.”

Review by Laura, Argentina

hatha yoga course india ashram kissline“Arhanta Yoga teacher training course is professional with amazing teachers who have a lot of experience and want to share with us. I am really impressed as thanks to them I start feeling like a yoga teacher and I really enjoy it. We can say that the course is like a very good recipe with the best ingredients: a good location with an ashram between hills and mountains, teachers with pedagogic skills, a methodology HTT which works, the spirit of yoga philosophy and a positive mood, atmosphere and ambiance between all the students and staff. With all of these we just have to enjoy!”

Review by Kissline, France

yoga teacher training india ashram 2015 jess“I entered into this 200 hour course with few expectations of what the next month would hold. Not only have I received a sound grounding in Classical Hatha asana but also a look into the yogic philosophy of tapping into your true self and unlacking your potential. It has been a timely reminder for me that the body is the servant of the mind and that the mind is the servant of the spirit. And that only as we obtain strength from this knowledge will our purpose be fulfilled. Thank you to the teachers for their super instructional pairing. I cannot imagine 2 people better suited to teaching teachers of yoga.”

Review by Jess, New Zealand

yoga teacher training india october 2015 sanne“This month has been incredible.I would have never imagined it would be possible to learn and grow as much as I did during this course.I came for myself, to improve my knowledge and my own practice and maybe to teach one day.During the month, my confidence grew and I began to actually like and enjoy the teaching. I go home as a more skilled yoga practitioner and have faith I am an actual yoga teacher. Thank you.”

Review by Sanne, Netherlands

hatha yoga course india ashram dagmar“I am grateful for having this great experience at Arhanta Ashram in India. A very big THANK YOU to all the dedicated teachers and assistants at Arhanta Ashram. For me it was a great challenge to travel all alone to India for the first time but the time here was more beautiful than I expected. I would recommend the TTC to everyone who is deeply interested in Yoga and in teaching yoga.I learned a lot about the deep source of yoga and understood as well that yoga is much more than only asanas. I am also glad that I met many lovely students from all over the world. THANKS!”

Review by Dagmar, Germany

“The how to teach classes were SO good! If you can’t teach, you CAN do it within 20 days! The teachers have great teaching skills, knowledge and humour. They show you how really to be a good teacher.The structure is very good: from only teaching one asan, reading the instructions from a paper to only one student to every class adding more skills until within 20 days you can teach a 1,5 hour class all by yourself.The HTT was the best part of the course!”

Review by Renate, The Netherlands

hatha yoga course india ashram prathima“The 200 hour TTC has exceeded my expectations with regards to the extend and quality of the curriculum. The approach to yoga and teacher training went beyond asanas to a more holistic approach. I feel I gained a “full” education. The professionalism, dedication and level of knowledge of the teachers is impressive and much appreciated. I particularly liked the encouragement they gave the students and the ongoing “tips” on how to improve the class and be the best teacher you can be. It is a challenging course, however for the committed and dedicated student you leave feeling confident to teach and knowing you have the support from Arhanta Yoga. Thank you very much for everything you have taught me, it has been a life-altering experience.”

Review by Prathima, South-Africa

yoga teacher training india jessica“We all came here for the same reason: our passion for yoga. Everybody with different stories, goals to improve themselves,… and this course is the most incredible experience a person should get in her life. It helped me to find myself, to feel more confident, enjoying everyday the asana classes and improve the knowledge of yoga philosophy. It’s more then practicing yoga everyday and getting stronger. It’s about changing your lifestyle for about 4 weeks, living as a yogic person and sharing what you’ve got with all the other students. I met incredible people from all over the world, getting closer in such a short time and helping each other during the up and down moods. This course probably changed me a lot without knowing while I was here but I know what I have to focus on to find peace in my life.”

Review by Jessica, France

yoga teacher training course india isabelle“I arrived a month ago with no desire to become a yoga teacher but I just wanted to improve my own practice. Well I can say now after the training that I fully improved my skills. But I also gained qualifications and confidence to host a full class. So I am seriously thinking to embrace this new opportunity! I strongly recommend the course. From the first day until the end, very professional, organised, demanding and serious. We are here to learn and for that they have the best teachers. Very qualified and knowledgeable. The healthy diet is exactly what we need and the location of the ashram is exceptional, surrounded by nature, calm and peaceful. The course offers a perfect balance of meditation, satsang, asana practice and how to teach yoga. I am leaving completely changed, healthy and happy! But most of all… ready to teach! Thank you!”

Review by Isabelle, Canada

hatha yoga course india ashram lotte“The Arhanta Yoga course and stay in the ashram has been a completely new experience for me. In only 26 days I’ve learned so much, more than I had expected. The “How to teach” classes were one of the best classes I ever had.I have seen myself and all the other students grow so much in quite a short time, really impressive. It has been a month with ups and downs, but no pain, no gain!I am really happy that I came here, I will never forget this month in Arhanta Yoga Ashram.”

Review by Lotte, Netherlands

yoga teacher training course india elisa“I’m about to finish the Arhanta Yoga teacher training course in India and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone interested in deepening the personal knowledge about yoga and in sharing the benefits of the incredible discipline. After only 1 month, I feel more confident about myself and my skills and even if it was not my first aim, I think I will start teaching right after the course. The staff was amazing, they shared their huge amount of knowledge and experience and they believed in you, trying always to encourage and understand. The atmosphere built with the group was incredible, we supported and helped each other. I met many friends and future colleagues and I am sure we will remain in contact. I am really grateful for this experience. I will leave with a great sense of knowledge and confidence. Thanks Arhanta!”

Review by Elisa, Italy

yoga teacher training india ashram 2015 olivia austria“One of my biggest self-challenges here! I am so proud of myself. The how to teach classes have given me more confidence to be myself and to stay by myself… and that was what I wanted to develop in myself. Accepting my own personal thoughts and the way I live. Philosophy is a very interesting part of the course. Root information about yoga (styles). The teachers are really good. I really like you guys! Funny, lovely beings. Stay as you are. Also the other teachers with whom I didn’t have so much contact gave me good vibes. The place here is so full of energy, the pure nature around you and calm people who are working the whole time in the garden, that’s amazing. Thank you. ”

Review by Olivia, Austria

yoga teacher training india october 2015 yolanda“The month at Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training has pushed me mentally and emotionally. I am inspired to bring what I’ve learned into my daily life. And yes, the first week was tough. The first time away from home, husband and my 3 kids. But the teachers made me feel I can do more than I realise. I have found peace in myself. I’ve found that I can do more things than I expected to have in me.I was very insecure but the teachers give me the feeling that I can do it. I’ve been growing to be independent.I have realised here that I love to be a teacher. ”

Review by Yolanda, Netherlands

hatha yoga course india ashram joke“Dedicated teachers! Mixture of fun and serious, good atmosphere, warm and friendly, professional and caring. Well done! Thorough classes. Nicely build-up from explanation towards teaching yourself. I gained lots of practical experience in this teacher training. Thanks heaps for your dedication, Arhanta!”

Review by Joke, Netherlands

yoga teacher training india october 2015 conny“I came here and it was a shock, because I did not know if I would like it here or if I can stay here the next 4 weeks. All was of course different and strange for me, and I was not sure if I would stay here until the end. But then you get used to all and your relation to the other students and the teachers gets deeper. They become your family in this life changing adventure. To be honest, I did not believe that I would become a yoga teacher in only 4 weeks time, but the teachers and the classes (how they are built up) make everything possible! You see how more secure you become and how you adapt to the system of the teachers. It was a very good teacher training course. I missed a little bit of the privacy, like you have in a small group. Thank you Omkar and Madhav! You are amazing.”

Review by Conny, Austria.

yoga teacher training india ashram 2015 shanti“Arhanta yoga teacher training course has excellent teachers and it touches upon all the important aspects of teaching. I feel really prepared to go into the working field of yoga teaching! It’s a full daily schedule but it keeps you focussed and in a rhythm. I’ve grown so much here in many ways; physically in asana practice, mentally in confidence and spiritually brought me even closer to myself.Food is really nice too and in the yoga ashram I felt really safe.I would recommend this certification course to anyone who is serious about becoming a yoga teacher.”

Review by Shanti, Netherlands

“Arhanta yoga ashram teacher training was a great experience, not only are you taught asanas but you learn about the philosophy behind yoga as well. The people around you became not just friends but family. I am extremely happy with the outcome and information learned over the last month. I look forward to practice what I have learned at home.”

Review by Jessica, USA

“For me it’s a big life experience. All the teachers here are really great. My physical and asanas and theory knowledge became to more fully and richer. Im full of impressions, experiences, happiness. Sometimes during concentration or chanting, happened to me that I was start crying, released my emotion and than I was free and full of power thanks. these place, teachers, classes and nature I became aware of sense my life and I know now, where is my way.”

Eva, Czech

I have really learned from the best teachers Omkar and Madhav! So much fun, professional, patient and caring. At first I didn’t think I would be able to teach. But now I feel ready! I am very proud of myself for completing the course and I have grown as a person in many ways. I have made some great friends here and I am so happy I came to this yoga ashram. I now have solid knowledge of yoga and my asanas have improved so much. If you had told me a month ago I would stay in headstand for 4 minutes, I wouldn’t have believed you! Love & Peace.

Review by Stephanie, England