Our Vision

Our Vision

Arhanta Yoga Ashrams aims to spread and teach authentic and correct knowledge of yoga to practitioners from all ages, backgrounds and practice levels.

We are committed to develop our students into confident yoga teachers with proper knowledge and understanding of the history, philosophy and practice of yoga. We provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the benefits of classical yoga practices.

We help our students to become yoga teachers rather than mere yoga instructors.

According to our understanding, an instructor is someone who just instructs the students about what to do how to do it. He/she generally provides the same instructions for every student regardless of his/her personal capabilities and aspirations. Whereas, the role of teacher is to help the student to meet his or her goal. To be able to help the student, a teacher first of all needs to know the goals of the student, the strengths and limitations of the student and then accordingly use the most suitable teaching method. Therefore it takes much more effort, dedication and skills to become a yoga teacher.

To train such teachers requires great dedication, experience and skills. Our teachers share the same philosophy and work with all the students on an individual basis to ensure maximum growth of each student.

We follow the traditional Indian Gurukul system of teaching. In this system the student stays in the ashram along with the teachers and other fellow students. This system is a time tested proven system of achieving personal growth. The ashram environment and yogic lifestyle help the students to concentrate completely on learning and reflection.