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Yoga Ashram Europe

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram Europe is situated in the east of the Netherlands in Sinderen, near to the city of Doetinchem. The ashram is housed on a 1.6 hectares of land, surrounded by a peaceful and beautiful environment of vast fields and forests. At our Ashram in the Netherlands we offer 200 hour teacher training courses, equal to the ones at our ashram in India. These courses are also certified with Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation and CRKBO (only valid in the Netherlands). We also organize a Yin Yoga course, Vinyasa Yoga course, Yoga Nidra course, Refresher course and a 300 hour Advanced and multi-style yoga teacher training at the ashram in the Netherlands.

An ashram is a place for spiritual practice. During our yoga teacher training courses you can bring your full attention to the study and practice of yoga and meditation, and the study of the yoga teaching techniques.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram Europe

Benefits of following a Yoga Teacher Training Course at an Ashram

During the 4-week yoga training, you will live at the ashram and have the opportunity to focus entirely on your study and your personal development. The facilities of an ashram are simple and clean, to allow you to concentrate only on your study and practice. This will also help you to separate yourself from materialistic influences and attachments. The accommodation at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram is simple and clean. You can choose between a dormitory, double room or single room. All the rooms are equipped with a bed, sheets, a night table and a chair. The toilets and showers are shared. You will get 3 vegetarian meals a day.

Yoga Ashram Europe Double Shared Room Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands Dining Room

Rules of Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Nederlands

  • 100% attendance to all the classes is required. Students of the teacher training course are asked to follow the schedule and to assist in all the classes, lectures and other activities.
  • Students following yoga teacher training are only allowed to leave the ashram on the free day. In case of emergency they can only leave the ashram with the written permission of the ashram director.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs are strictly forbidden at the ashram.
  • The schedule and the diet have been structured in such a way to allow you to get full benefit of the course. Students are expected to adjust to the schedule and diet as soon as possible.
  • We advise you not to bring any valuables to the ashram. If you do bring them, it is possible to lock them safely at the ashram.
  • You are asked to inform the ashram administration immediately in case of physical problems.
  • You are allowed to bring medication and continue a medical treatment. However, we advise you to inform the ashram administration or your teacher beforehand.
  • The meals at the ashram are strictly vegetarian. Non-vegetarian food is not allowed at the ashram. To maximize the benefits of the yogic lifestyle we ask you not to bring any food to the ashram.
  • There is complete silence during the meals.
  • One hour a day we undertake Karma Yoga.

Reviews of Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nederland

“The Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course was a very positive and horizon broadening experience. At the start of the course I was a bit critical but this attitude has changed throughout the course and turned into curiosity and admiration. Curiosity to the yogic philosophy and the depth of life. I admire my teachers, and the perseverance of my fellow students and myself. The motivation to start this course should come from within. Of course the teachers have also been a huge help to stay motivated. Yogi Ram speaks very passionate about the Vedic philosophy. Using small stories he makes the abstract philosophy easy to understand. He also has so much knowledge that it is always fascinating to listen to him. Yogi Omkar has a lot of patience to teach you something. His warm personality and humor make it possible to keep smiling even in the most complicated asanas. He motivates you in a gentle way to push your physical limits. Both teachers are very skillful, professional and experienced. The course is very well structured and because every minute is being used, you hardly have time for distraction and you keep focused. The course is physically and mentally intensive, which I experienced as a challenge. I have learned so much and I have also gained a lot of teaching experience.” Maya, the Netherlands

“The Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course is very well structured and allows you to learn a lot in a short time, while staying accessible and clear. The good balance between theory and practice allows your body to discover and experience what we learn. Because of this you learn faster and you can apply this in practice. Yogi Ram has a lot of knowledge which he shares with his students so we can get the maximum results in developing ourselves into the best possible yoga teachers. The TTC was a very good experience, the daily practice of yoga gives me a lot of positive energy. I have met many nice people and I have gained a lot of interesting knowledge. Because of that this month has gone by really fast. Thank you very much for this experience!” Anna, the Netherlands

“Nice and interesting course. Good guidance from the teachers. Good structure of the “How to teach” class. Also a good structure of the curriculum. A lot of important and in depth information about everything you should know about Yoga.” Ilse, the Netherlands

“Thank you Yogi Ram and Omkar for giving me the possibility to learn about Yoga. When I started this yoga teacher training course, I only had 5 month of experience in practicing asanas. After the Yoga course, I have improved my own yoga skills so much that now I feel confident to teach Yoga classes to beginners.” Mila, the Netherlands