What is yoga ashram ?

A yoga ashram is a residential yoga school for intensive practice of yoga, meditation and spiritual growth. An ashram is normally situated away from busy cities and provides a quiet and peaceful environment to connect to the self.


What facilities does a yoga ashram offer?

An ashram usually offers basic accommodation, healthy vegetarian meals, open and closed space for yoga and meditation practice, experienced and dedicated teachers to help and guide the students. Sometimes, extra facilities like internet, a small onsite shop etc, are also available.


What is difference between following a course at a hotel and studying at a yoga ashram?

When you study at a yoga course organized at a hotel or resort you don’t get to experience the real yogic lifestylewhich you get at an ashram or a residential yoga school. Also, the energy at a hotel is very different from the energy at a yoga ashram. The ashram experience enriches your mind and body and makes you stronger and calmer by bringing you back to the basics and keeping the distractions away.


What is special about the Arhanta Yoga Ashram?

The Arhanta Yoga ashrams in India and in the Netherlands are built with the goal to provide authentic yoga teachings according to a traditional Gurukul system. In this system the focus is completely on self growth and development rather than on sensorial comforts and pleasures. The teachers at the ashram are very professional, highly dedicated and experienced. They are trained classically in traditional environments, they speak fluent English and are able to teach students from all levels and backgrounds.


How to reach the ashram?

The Arhanta Yoga ashram in India is situated just outside the city of Khajuraho (Central India) which is very well connected with New Delhi, Agra, Jhansi, Satna and Udaipur. There are daily flights from New Delhi and Agra and there are trains six days a week from above places. We offer our students a complementary pickup and drop off service from the Khajuraho airport or the Khajuraho train station.

Address:Village BansaraeDistrict ChattarpurMadhya PradeshIndia

The Arhanta Yoga ashram in the Netherlands is located in Sinderen, near to the city of Doetinchem in the east of Holland. You can easily reach the ashram using public transportation. There is a bus stop in front of the ashram. Onwww.9292.nl/en you can plan your journey using public transportation. Those coming by airplane can also take a train to the ashram from the Schiphol Airport (www.schiphol.com) can also use public transportation to reach to the ashram or you can use the Schiphol Travel Taxi, a combined taxi which will bring you from the airport to the ashram.

Address:Sinderenseweg 667065BL SinderenThe Netherlands


How safe is the location of ashram in India?

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India is situated in a very safe location. Khajuraho is known for being a quiet and peaceful town with a very low crime rate.


What should i bring to the ashram?

  • A yoga mat (can be purchased at the ashram shop)
  • Toiletry and towels
  • Writing material (pens and paper)
  • Wrist watch (to use in the “How to teach-class”)
  • Comfortable and warm clothing suiting the time of the year. Shoulders, knees and stomach should be covered.
  • Slippers for inside the ashram
  • Comfortable walking shoes

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