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Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India is a residential yoga school located in central India. Here you can learn authentic yoga according to the ancient Gurukul tradition. It is a simple and serene place for yoga and meditation practice and for spiritual growth. The benefit of studying at a yoga ashram is that the focus is completely on learning and growing in a spiritual and supportive environment. Our Yoga Ashram is located in a safe and peaceful environment outside the historical city of Khajuraho. You can join our intensive classical Hatha yoga courses as well as internationally recognized 200 hour yoga teacher training courses taught by professional and experienced teachers.

Yoga ashram India

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Benefits of Studying at a Yoga Ashram

A yoga ashram is a residential yoga school. The facilities of an ashram are simple, clean and comfortable. This offers you the possibility to experience traditional Indian culture and lifestyle, free from western luxury and comfort. This stimulates the idea to minimize materialistic influences and attachments and to go back to appreciating the small things in life.

Study at Yoga ashram in India

Learn at Yoga Ashram in India

Why Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

  • International standards, authentic trainings
  • 4000 graduates teaching worldwide
  • Expert and experienced teachers
  • Beautiful, serene and safe location

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India – Facilities


The accommodation for students consists of simple, bright, clean and comfortable rooms. There are total of 38 rooms divided into single and double shared accommodation. Every room is equipped with an attached toilet and bathroom, beds, pillows, blankets, storage space, mosquito nets and a set of chairs.

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Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India has two bright and spacious Yogashalas (Yoga halls), of 240 and 180 The halls have large windows which provide a wide open view and an abundance of natural light. The yoga halls have a beautiful bright and clean interior.

Dining Hall

The ashram has a large dining hall with seating and dining facilities for 50 students.


Arhanta Yoga Ashram India provides healthy vegetarian meals three times a day. The meals consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and herbal tea. Most of the vegetables, fruits and ingredients used in our kitchen come from the local farmers.

Drinking Water

Safe RO and UV filtered safe drinking water is available 24 hours a day at the ashram free of cost.

Front Office

There is a small front office for administration, coordination etc at the yoga school. You can also purchase there some small items like yoga mats, cushions etc. at cost prices.


Limited Wi-Fi is provided free of cost for one hour daily at the office area. Students can connect their Wi-Fi devices to use the internet during the respective timings. Please note that Arhanta Yoga ashram India is located away from the main town so the internet connectivity is slow and limited.


In case of any emergency it is possible to visit a MBBS Doctor in the nearby town of Khajuraho.

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Yoga ashram India – rules & regulations

  • The rules of the ashram are established in order to assure the quality of the course and environment.
  • At our yoga school, 100% attendance in all the classes is required. Students must attend all the classes and other activities of the yoga school.
  • Students following yoga teacher training are only allowed to leave the ashram on the free day. In case of emergency they can only leave the ashram with the written permission of the ashram director.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs / stimulants are not allowed at the ashram.
  • The schedule and diet are structured in such a way so you can get maximum benefit of the course. We expect our students to adjust as soon as possible to both the schedule and the diet.
  • Students are required to report any physical / medical problem immediately to the ashram administration.
  • You can bring your medication and continue a medical treatment. You are required to report this beforehand to the ashram staff.
  • Any food or drink from outside of the yoga school is prohibited in the ashram.

Reaching the ashram

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India is located within a close vicinity of the Khajuraho airport and the Khajuraho train station. There are regular flights and trains to Khajuraho from New Delhi, Varanasi and Agra. We provide a complementary pickup and drop service between the Khajuraho airport/train station and the Arhanta Yoga Ashram on scheduled dates. For more tips on planning your trip to the ashram, please contact us.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yatri Niwas (Near Khajuraho)
Village Bansarai, P.O. Onta Purwa (via Bamitha)
District Chhatarpur,Madhya Pradesh 471105

Phone number: +91 7011723320